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What Is Green Soap?

Green Soap. What is it? How to Use Green Soap. What’s it really for?

Green Soap

Green soap is a soft soap made from vegetable oils with sodium or potassium hydroxide in concentrations adjusted to retain glycerol. The soap actually may be any color, depending on the oils added. Many people know this environmentally safe soap as a tattooist’s soap. Because it’s medically safe, it is often referred to as a “tincture of green soap”. A tincture is an alcoholic extract with a limited percentage of ethanol. This soap has earned its name due to its yellowish green hue. There is no dye in it. Instead, the vegetable oil and glycerin gives the soap its natural green tint.

Because tattoo soap is all-natural, it is generally non-irritating. It is also biodegradable, which may be another reason it’s dubbed a green soap. The same kind of soap is used by those handling bodies with skin disorders due to its cleansing and emollient properties. After tattooing or any other skin-irritating procedure, this type of green soap can make the skin feel somewhat soothed. Because of its oil content it doesn’t make skin feel as dry as other soaps.

Although there are many uses for Green Soap, the most common is using it in piercing studios and tattoo shops. Piercers and tattoo artists use it to prep skin, remove soil, blood, and ink, and as a soak for surgical instruments. Green Soap makes an excellent pre-sterilization soak for surgical instruments. Soak to remove blood and soil. Remember this does not substitute sterilization using an autoclave or ultrasonic sterilizer.

Green Soap is commonly used to aid in stencil application, but because it is not specifically made for that it can take a lot of trial and error to get a stencil to adhere correctly using only green soap. We recommend using Tattoo Stencil Magic instead, as it has been specially formulated to be the best stencil application medium. Stencils applied with green soap can blur easily and be wiped off, while Tattoo Stencil Magic provides long lasting stencils that resists smudges and repeated wiping.