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Superior Starter Tattoo Kit

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    Yes You Can!!

    Purchased separately would cost over $250!
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    ONLY $164.99!!!

    The Black Raven Superior Starter Kit is built to last, the unmatched performance of the Raven is exactly what you need for years of great tattooing. Included are our Tattoo Artist Guide with additional Hints and Tips and TWO FREE mini sketchbooks.

  • Setup as a Shader
  • This kit includes everything you need to line or shade
  • Power supply and Machine are durable enough for your daily using
  • Ideal for the novice apprentice
  • Hi-tech non-metallic frame eliminates electrical shorts & overheating
  • No rust or corrosion problems
  • Not subject to undesirable magnetic fields
  • Proudly made in America!!

    Machine / Power Supply Specifications
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Hi-tech non-metallic frame
  • Finish: Gold Powder Coating
  • Coils: 8 wrap
  • Yoke: .63" Slotted Steel Yoke
  • Front Blue Steel Spring .18"
  • Rear Blue Steel Spring .18"
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • 2 Amp Regulated adjustable DC power supply 3-15v
  • Input 100 - 240v

    Package includes
  • (1) - Black Raven Tattoo Machine
  • (1) - (1)Power Supply 15V 2A
  • (1) - Economy Foot Switch 1/4" Jack
  • (1) - Superior Clip Cord 1/4" Jack
  • (2) - Single Round Needles
  • (2) - 3 Round Liner (Tight) Needles
  • (2) - 9 Round Shader Needles
  • (2) - 5 Flat Needles
  • (2) - 7 Flat Needles
  • (2) - Black Tube Metal Tip Single Round Disposable Tubes 1" Grip
  • (2) - Black Tube Metal Tip 3 Round Disposable Tubes 1" Grip
  • (2) - Black Tube Metal 9 Round Disposable Tubes 1" Grip
  • (2) - Black Tube Metal 5 Flat Disposable Tubes 1" Grip
  • (2) - Black Tube Metal 7 Flat Disposable Tubes 1" Grip
  • (1) - Red 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - Blue 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - Green 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - Brown 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - Yellow 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - Black 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - White 1/2oz Prizm Color
  • (1) - #10 Ink Caps 50pk
  • (1) - Green Soap 4oz. Bottle Mixed
  • (1) - 4 oz Nalgene Wash Bottle
  • (1) - Disposable Twin Blade Razor
  • (1) - Kit pack of Rubber Bands
  • (1) - Simulated Practice Skin (Designs may vary)
  • (1) - Kit pack of Medium Black Gloves
  • (1) - FREE Bonus - 8 piece Flash!!
  • (1) - FREE Skull Membership Certificate
  • (1) - FREE Tattoo Artist Guide
  • (1) - FREE Tattoo Banner Designs
  • (1) - FREE Tattoo Lettering Book Four

    (All Needles/Disposable Tubes are Sterilized by E.O. Gas sealed in individual blister packs.)

    (Secondary Kit Items such as Practice Skin, Needles and Tubes etc... are Subject to Change Due to Availability)

    This kit comes with Medium size gloves. If you desire a different size, Please type in the size you want on the "submit" page in the comment section at the bottom of the page.
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    Is this kit the best kit to start with? I was looking at the pink panther kit since it has two seperate machines. That would seem to be easier for shading and lining instead of having to adjust one machine. What do yall suggest?
    There is not a set kit to start with, each person has their own needs. You are correct, it can be much easier to have two machines already set up as a liner and shader. The pink panther, two raven both offer, top gun, apprentice 2, 3, and 4 offer two machines. Our best advice is to determine what you need most. Each kit offers a little something different (sketchbooks, travel case, more ink, etc) and there are a variety of prices. Without knowing more about what you are looking for it would be hard to narrow down the list. You can always call 1-888-758-1818 and speak with a representative that can help you narrow down your choices.

    Answer: 5696 - Superior Power Supply Click here

    can the gun be used as a liner and shader?
    Answer: Yes, to use as a liner, get the shorter spring - click here for optimal performance.

    What needles come with this kit? it says it comes with 12 needles total in the description, however, in an answered question it says it comes with 3 needles total. Help me out appreciation and thanks
    Answer: The previous review wanted to know how many outliner needles there are - There are 6 outline needles and 6 shader needles.

    Q. Is it Possible to Get Everything From this Kit but With Raspberry and pay the $159.00 instead
    A. Yes, the tattoo kit you would like is item #5623 and retails for $159.00
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