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Tattoo Safety First

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    Because of the tattoo industries growing concern for the safety of both client and artist to guard against hepatitis ,HIV and other serious contaminates, Superior has the first of it's kind DVD to share with artists and shops. This 25 minute video "TATTOO SAFETY FIRST" explains the importance of the necessity to clean room sterilization.

    This DVD is the essential educational tool for shop owners and tattoo artists alike. awareness of the potential illnesses associated with the tattoo process and the precautions necessary to eliminate cross contamination.


  • Preventative Measures
    This section covers the basic principles of preventative measures including: proper work practices, personal protective equipment and standard precautions.

  • Sterilization:
    Sterilzation features the proper techniques, equipment and documentaions methods necessary to maintain a sterile working equipment.

  • Station Prep:
    This is a step-by-step approach to setting up a clean workstation using proper equipment and effective bio shielding techniques

  • Bio-Room:
    A Bio-Room is imperative to running a safe tattoo shop. This section features the proper equipment and set-up needed to operate and maintain a Bio-Room.

  • Station Tear Down:
    While tearing down your station, proper precautions must be taken to avoid cross contamination. This section covers the steps involved in the disinfection and disposal of contaminated materials.

    An easy reference glossary of definitions is also included for various terms used through out the DVD

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    Well made video with lots of great info. Goes through everything quickly so good idea to watch it a couple of times.

    Great Product!! Easy to understand, A MUST HAVE for any serious tattoo artist!!

    teaches common sense to people that reuse needles
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